The French Iyengar Yoga National Convention : April 28- May 1st 2012 in Issoudun

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Affiche Convention d’Issoudun

Our national convention, whose main theme is “Absorption”, will be taking place in Issoundun (Indre, 36) ; from April 28th (in the evening) to May 1st 2012 (the convention will end on that day after lunch time).
It is being organized by Lydie Drivière, who teaches Iyengar Yoga in Tours (
The Guest Teacher of this year’s convention is Stephanie Quirk, who has been staying at the RIMYI, with the Iyengar family for the past 18 years.
« In order for us to be able to help and guide yoga students, we must first be able to consider them as a whole and not merely as accumulations of signs and symptoms, and neither as mere instances of correct or incorrect techniques. We need to search for a way through which students can gain true understanding and correct knowledge. It is this pursuit of genuine understanding which is at the heart of my own yogic studies. In other words, one could say that what I’m trying to achieve, is to make it possible for both Understanding and Self-knowledge to meet in the inside ! It is by so doing that the student will eventually attain a state of autonomous experience, his ultimate abode !
S. Quirk
For further information, please contact : Béatrice Collin / 0033(0)6 98 83 38 20/ / from 6pm to 8pm.
You can download the following document :

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Plaquette Convention nationale d’Issoudun